Frequently Asked Questions

How much money do I need to receive signals?

There is no minimum budget required to receive signals from Hall & Co Trading. 

You can start a trading account with majority of brokers with a minimum deposit of £50.

How is a signal generated?

Attached below is a video presentation that takes you behind the scenes of the Hall & Co Trading technical analysis.
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What does a trade signal look like?

The format of our trade signal is presented below.

Currency Pair:   EUR.USD
Instant Sell Price:   1.1670
Stop Loss:   1.1788
Take Profit:   ​1.1375
Capital Risk:   1%
Stop Loss Pip Risk:   118

Risk / Reward:   1:2.5

Risk Management Calculator: Click Here

How do I get started using your service?

Simply visit our Trade Signals pricing page and choose a package that best suits you.
Once you have completed the payment process for your subscription, you will begin receiving trade signals, technical analysis & live updates.

Do i need to open my signal straight away?

Once a trade signal is sent, it will detail whether to execute your position instantly or a pending order is required. Should you have any questions prior to opening a position the team is on hand to help.

What don't Hall & Co Trading offer?

A get rich quick signal service.
To generate long term prosperity requires a marathon mindset, approaching the finance industry with the mindset of generating quick wealth will inevitably end in failure.

Binary options / scalping trade signals.
Hall & Co Trading distribute swing trading signals that are analysed from the Monthly to 1hr timeframe.

Dangerous misuse of leverage & risk management.
To become consistently profitable requires a sound risk management plan.
Hall & Co Trading emphasise the importance of capital risk on all trade signals generated.


High volume of trade signals per week.
Hall & Co Trading focus on quality over quantity, distributing trade signals only that meet our strict entry rules.
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What method is used to deliver trade signals?

All trade signals generated by Hall & Co Trading are sent out in real time via email notifications for the convenience and security of our subscribers.

What broker do I need to have an account with?

You can use any broker of your choice as our strategy doesn’t limit you to any particular broker.

Am I locked into a contract?

There is no contract when signing up to any service provided by Hall & Co Trading.

How long does a trade last?

We can't predict the length of time a trade signal will be active, this will depend on market conditions.

Do you provide customer support?

We know and understand that you value your time, effort and money, ​so to make sure that all of these will not be wasted we provide full customer support 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Will I have to buy expensive software?

No, all the software you need to place trades can be obtained for free through your brokerage platform.

I do not live in the United Kingdom can i still subscribe?

Yes, in fact we are trusted in more than 70+ countries around the world.

What time of the day are signals generated and sent?

All signals are generated and sent to subscribers once a valid trade opportunity meet our rules.
Unfortunately we can't give an exact time as market conditions will vary.

How many signals are generated per month?

Unfortunately exact trade quantities cannot be predicted.
We are a signal service that pride ourselves on quality over quantity, meaning we won't send trade signals that have a low probability of success.

There is a huge misconception that more live positions will return more profit, this cannot be further from the truth, taking less positions at a higher strike rate not only reduces impulsive and emotional behaviour but also minimises drawdown and increases profit.

Should there be a period of time where there is no activity resulting in 0 trade signals, we will reimburse the time lost and add additional days to all client subscription packages.

Advantages of swing trading?

Swing trading is one of the most powerful passive income streams available, given that it requires minimal time to execute whilst providing outstanding returns on your investments.

Time freedom is at the core of why so many traders choose to swing trade, it allows those who have other commitments to prosper from the financial market without having to allocate hours every day.

Trading when volatility is present can be a double-edged sword.
Intraday positions can benefit from quicker profit's, however there is added risk of being stopped out due to price spikes although their long term thesis was correct. Swing traders have the added breathing room to soak up price fluctuations in volatile times.

There is a huge misconception that executing more live day trading positions will return more profit, this cannot be further from the truth, executing less positions at a higher strike rate not only reduces impulsive and emotional behaviour but also minimises drawdown and increases profit.

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