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Signing up to the Hall & Co Trading platform will enable you to receive the most profitable trade signals in real time through email notifications.

The Hall & Co Trading mission is to produce daily educational content that will enable our clients to build a profitable trading strategy of their own, whilst being able to generate profits via our signals.


Hall & Co Trading produce daily videos designed to increase your knowledge and trade performance.

Our powerful and transparent video analysis give clients the confidence and reassurance prior to
entering the financial markets.

While there are many companies that provide trade analysis, our meticulous attention to detail in analysing the market has seen Tom Hall become an All Time Top Author on TradingView.com platform.


Here at Hall & Co Trading it's our job to clear the fog and provide in-depth technical and fundamental analysis to help build a diverse trading portfolio.

Portfolio diversification tends to reduce your long-term risk and potential for higher returns given the investment statistics between 2001 and 2011 according to USA Today.


The Hall & Co Trading analysis project was created in 2015 via TradingView to elevate the financial intelligence throughout the trading community in a step by step format.

Providing video analysis in real-time gives a transparent reassurance to how a signal is generated.

Although Hall & Co Trading provide technical analysis to the Trading community, only paid subscribers receive official entry levels and video analysis to remove all subjectivity.

How Hall & Co Trading Works

Trade Watch List

Trade watch lists are generated at 10pm GMT.
A daily candle close provides additional information as to what we can expect in the next 24 hours.

Once the portfolio has been analysed all content is distributed to clients via email notifications.

Live Trade Signals

Trade signals are generated once our entry criteria has been met. Clients will receive our official entry, stop loss and take profit levels as well as advised risk management to keep your equity curve consistent.

Live Trade Updates

Trade updates help clients stay in tune with the market. There are occasions where adjusting a stop loss is advantageous, either by minimising risk or locking in and protecting profits.

Video Technical Analysis

Hall & Co Trading produce daily video analysis which is designed to increase our clients knowledge and understanding prior to executing a live position.

Episodes are distributed to clients in HD format via email notifications which can be viewed anytime, anywhere and on any device.

Active Customer Service

We know and understand that you value your time, effort and money, ​so to make sure that all of these will not be wasted we provide full email active customer support 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Live Performances

Transparency and client satisfaction is a core value at Hall & Co Trading, which is why we provide live verified trade results in addition to our pre market trade analysis.