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The meticulously crafted trade watchlist provides clients with a unique insight into the latest market activity across the Hall and Co Trading portfolio.

The trade watchlist is designed to complement and enhance our video analysis, helping to increase client knowledge in technical analysis and is suitable for both new and experienced traders alike.



Signing up to Hall and Co Trading will unlock exclusive access to our trade watchlist, active portfolio, and video content. All information is distributed in real time via email notifications.

The Hall and Co Trading mission is to produce daily educational content that will enable our clients to build a profitable trading strategy of their own while  having exclusive access to the Hall and Co Trading active portfolio.



Hall and Co Trading produce daily technical analysis videos designed to increase client knowledge and trade performance. Our powerful and transparent video analysis give clients confidence and reassurance before entering the financial markets.

While many companies provide trade analysis, our meticulous attention to detail in analyzing the market has seen Tom Hall become a world-renowned all time top author on the TradingView.com platform.


Mr. Hall is an entrepreneur, full-time financial trader, and world-renowned mentor, with a mission to teach and guide others in the finance industry.

A dynamic highly sought after technical analyst and all time top author on TradingView. His published ideas have been viewed by millions of investors all over the world, establishing himself as one of the top leaders in the industry.

“I founded Hall and Co Trading to elevate the financial intelligence throughout the trading community, with the core foundations surrounding transparency and client satisfaction.

I produce the highest quality educational content that enables all clients to build a profitable trading strategy of their own while being able to extract profit from the financial market.”  – Tom Hall

Trading Approach

Mr. Hall is a disciplined manual trader that utilizes volume expansion on multiple timeframes.

His unique approach is one of the most powerful passive income streams available, given that it requires minimal time to execute while providing healthy and consistent returns on investment.

The extensive filter process implemented by Mr. Hall provides on average of six trade opportunities a month. This low quantity, high-quality approach to the financial markets allows clients to see a consistently profitable equity curve due to minimal drawdown.

Time freedom is at the core of why so many individuals choose to trade the financial markets.

The active portfolio, video analysis, and trade watchlist are distributed to clients, allowing those who have other commitments to prosper without having to allocate significant hours every day.

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