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hall and co trading™

The Hall and Co Trading platform was founded in 2018 and is one of the leading global investment services that provide a unique approach to the financial markets. The substantial and diversified client base includes both corporations and individuals.

We navigate the financial markets to ensure our clients are exposed to lucrative investment opportunities, enabling clients to thrive and prosper, and ultimately helping to fulfil financial ambitions and goals.

In 2019 Hall and Co Trading developed the HCT Algorithm™, this sophisticated software automatically processes a high volume of market data, which enables clients to capitalise on the highest probability trading opportunities in real-time.

here's what you get as a subscriber


The HCT Algorithm™ determines the highest probability trading opportunities while confirming the precise parameters based on real-time market data.

The parameters are plotted on our trading software and then uploaded onto the dashboard to ensure clients are prepared ahead of time.


The automated system and built-in functions enable the HCT Algorithm™ to activate and manage the short-term portfolio.

The activation and management of positions are sent directly to clients that include the precise trading levels. This detailed information enables clients to capitalise on the financial market in real-time. 

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frequently asked questions

➤   How do I join Hall and Co Trading?

Click on the "Join Now £30/M" link from anywhere on the website.
Use an existing email address and provide your payment information.

➤   What if I'm already enrolled in another platform?

The Hall and Co Trading package will perfectly compliment any mentorship program or online course you are currently undertaking.

➤   Can I get a discount for paying annually?

Yes, Click here to save yourself £160 for paying annually.

➤   What currency is the subscription package charged?

The £30 a month subscription is charged in British Pound (GBP). There are no lock-in contracts, and you can cancel at anytime. All taxes are included in the fee.

£30 British Pound (GBP) is approximately €33 Euro (EUR), and $36 U.S. Dollar (USD)

All currency exchanges are accepted.